Ringtone: Chopin - Walzer Op.64 Nr.1 -Minutenwalzer

Download the "Chopin - Walzer Op.64 Nr.1 -Minutenwalzer" ringtone from the category "Classical music ringtones".
Chopin - Walzer Op.64 Nr.1 -Minutenwalzer
Chopin - Walzer Op.64 Nr.1 -Minutenwalzer
Waltz in D flat major 'Minute', Op. 64 no. 1
Source: https://musopen.org/
Chopin’s “Minute Waltz” doesn’t mean minute, as in small, but minute as in the unit of time measurement. The 138 bars of music, however, take around 90 to 120 seconds to play. Chopin’s publishers decided on the nickname.



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