Ringtone For Nokia tune (Guitar)

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Download Ringtone For Nokia tune (Guitar)

Ringtone For Nokia tune (Guitar) - download page. On this page you can listen to and download ringtone For Nokia tune (Guitar), use the button "Play" to listen or "Download" to download a ringtone.

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18.01.2016 shilpa Reply

Nice tune

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shilpa, Mangesh

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15.05.2017 Asim Reply

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11.11.2018 asim Reply

Asim, Asim plz pick up my foun plz main tumhary agy hath jorti hu plz

13.06.2017 Neshen Reply

Please pick up your call, Answer the call

05.07.2017 zaheet Reply

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19.07.2018 Zabiulla Reply

zaheet, Who are you

09.09.2018 zia ur rehman Reply

zaheet, zia ur rehman

23.08.2017 Uche Reply

Please pick up your call, Text

25.11.2017 Mangat Reply

Uche, Please pickup the call

15.04.2018 Imtiyaz Khan Reply

Uche, Imtiyaz khan

26.01.2019 Vinod kumar Reply

Imtiyaz Khan, Please pick up your call,vinod kumar ji

10.10.2017 satish sawant Reply

Please pick up your call, Satish sawant

11.10.2017 Mohammad Yusuf khan Reply

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14.12.2017 nasir khan Reply

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08.02.2018 Karan kumar Reply

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11.10.2018 Murugaselvi Reply

Karan kumar, Cyrilkumar

20.03.2018 Mr king Reply

Please pick up your call, Please pick up your call

12.04.2018 roni Reply

Please pick up your call, please pic up your phone

20.04.2018 rehan Reply

Please pick up your call, Ring tone

02.06.2018 moheen Reply

rehan, Moheen

22.07.2018 Md.mohon Reply

moheen, Mohon

22.04.2018 Rohit Rajput Reply

Please pick up your call, Perfect tune

22.04.2018 Sushanta Reply

Please pick up your call, Please pick me up the phone

09.05.2018 Md Najamol islam Reply

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09.05.2018 Saher ali Reply

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03.07.2018 Moazam Reply

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31.07.2018 Tayyab Reply

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24.08.2018 Ravinder Reply

Tayyab, Gurjar

04.09.2018 Krishna Rahput Reply

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11.10.2018 Murugaselvi Reply

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21.11.2018 Surya Reply

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28.11.2018 Bholu thakur Reply

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24.12.2018 jhon Reply

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08.01.2019 Tazeem saifi Reply

Please pick up your call, Main fir bhi tumko chahunga

14.01.2019 Mr. Abdul Rehman Reply

Please pick up your call, 06.2016 19:42
Excellent tune. I love you nokia mobile

14.01.2019 Mr. Abdul Rehman Reply

Please pick up your call, I am Mr. Abdul Rehman

14.01.2019 Mr. Abdul Rehman Reply

Please pick up your call, I am Mr. Abdul Rehman Please pick up your call, Please pickup your call

14.01.2019 Mr. Abdul Rehman Reply

Please pick up your call, I love Nokia tune

01.07.2019 Mr sobuj please pick up Reply

Mr. Abdul Rehman, Nice

19.01.2019 Satya Venkat Reply

Please pick up your call, SATYA VENKAT

15.02.2019 niranjan Reply

Please pick up your call, niranjan ji apkaphone araha he

niranjan please pick the phone

21.02.2019 Ravi Solanki Reply

Please pick up your call, Please pick up the phone

27.05.2019 Vaidik thakre Reply

Please pick up your call, Please pick up the phone

03.06.2017 hussnan Reply

shilpa, 1

20.07.2017 sp gill Reply

shilpa, Really

24.12.2017 Sk Juber Aktar Reply

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02.01.2019 Ramesh Reply

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02.11.2017 Purnendu Reply

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26.12.2017 Kp yadav Reply

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16.03.2018 zohaib siddiqui Reply

shilpa, Nace tune old is gold

30.03.2018 Don Reply

shilpa, yes nice tune

09.05.2018 Saher ali Reply

shilpa, I am Saher ali

22.09.2018 Muskan Reply

shilpa, Hlw i m muskan this tune is not only nice but also hot

11.10.2018 Cyril Reply

shilpa, Murugaselvi

16.02.2016 ishankakumanayake Reply

Ilic nokiariging

21.02.2016 MIZTA SAMFILO Reply

Dis is really awesome using it on my Gionee M5 noe

11.04.2016 itz ROUNAK RD DAS Reply

vry nic tune , like this so much

05.05.2016 swati Reply

Very nice ringtone..

09.05.2016 lokesh kumar mahor Reply

Very nice nice tune

13.05.2016 pratap Reply


18.05.2016 Sobuj Sekhg Reply

I love this tune .....lovely tune

23.05.2016 Insaf Reply

Feeling..... Nostaligia
Very nice

17.08.2017 ramswaroop Meena Reply

Insaf, Ramswaroop Meena

25.05.2016 pal gautam Reply

lovely ringtone

03.06.2016 Aneesh Pallempil Reply

Excellent tune. I love you nokia mobile

05.06.2016 r.pradhan Reply

Excellent tune in india I love thise tune

06.06.2016 kifayatullah Reply

V nice tune

18.06.2016 Madhu Reply

Soo sweet ring tone

23.08.2017 Atik Reply

Madhu, I am Atik

19.06.2016 Shadab Khan Reply

Nice tone

21.06.2016 Dewakar Reply

Nice ringtone reminds me of my first phone when mobile phone means only nokia

29.06.2016 jitu Reply

i love tune

09.07.2016 salman Reply

Nice tone

30.07.2016 Rahman Reply

Nice tone

12.08.2016 Parget Singh Reply

Nothing any tune in front of this.

21.08.2016 Pravin Reply

Nice tone

08.09.2016 shubhan Reply

Nice tone

11.09.2016 Jagroop Khehra Reply

Very nice tone

14.09.2016 rajeev kumar Reply

nice ringtone

27.09.2016 Deep verma Reply

Its my favorite

10.10.2016 Nawaz khan Reply


22.10.2016 Sulman Ali Khan Reply

So nice very nice

27.10.2016 Roxy Reply

reminds of old golden days of nokia

28.10.2016 shilash murmu Reply

Welcome , tune !!!!

30.10.2016 Tiger Rao Reply

My best ringtone only nokia tone

07.11.2016 sadrudin sayyed Reply

Very nice ringtone

18.11.2016 karankumar gadepally Reply


19.11.2016 Dreamzfb Reply


22.11.2016 Rizwan Ahmad ald Reply

I like it becase its very pleasent for ears to liten.

01.12.2016 Upendranath Dalui Reply

I love Nokia tune.

05.12.2016 Sajjad Reply

Superb Tone

06.12.2016 Raj@ Reply

Thanks for the remind me the past.

13.12.2016 Nikki Reply

I love this tune

14.12.2016 umarfarooq Reply

My best ton

17.12.2016 Muneer Reply


23.12.2016 Animeshstudio2016 Reply

It is animesh studio number.

29.12.2016 Nazar Reply

Not very nice.

30.12.2016 Nazar Reply

Nazar, no droplets

30.12.2016 Please pick up your call Reply

Nazar, Nazar: yes

03.01.2017 aneesh.cr Reply

nice tone

03.01.2017 manraj Reply

nice tun

05.01.2017 Deepak Kumar Reply

it didn't not get download

08.01.2017 TONE MANIA Reply


17.11.2018 samliya Reply

TONE MANIA, 626034

10.01.2017 Ishan verma Reply

How can i get it?

15.01.2017 Ashukant Reply

Nice to ne

17.01.2017 santosh kumar Reply


19.01.2017 Tasawar sahi Reply

I love nokia

20.01.2017 Baban Reply

Love u

22.01.2017 ABR Reply

Add a comment...BEST TUNE IN THE WORLD. i love tgis tune.

31.01.2017 You nameramchndar Reply


07.02.2017 roman Reply

coolist ever

13.02.2017 vijay 7ps Reply

Verry Verry nice tone

16.02.2017 Raj Reply


24.02.2017 Shadab Reply

I really love this nokia tune
NOKIA is besttttt

28.02.2017 kunal Reply

Khub bhalo

01.03.2017 Jps Reply

Very super

02.03.2017 Sanoj Kumar Reply

Best tune for me

04.03.2017 Ezekiel Reply

Hey guys, i want to download the tone from my smart kicka phone so please help me how to do it

05.03.2017 shihab raihan Reply


09.03.2017 taja Reply


09.03.2017 Nikola nikolov Reply

I need the simple1

13.03.2017 teemo Reply

my favourite tone

16.03.2017 Maldev Baku Reply

Best jingle

25.03.2017 Pateel Kishor Reply

Nokia is best ton

26.03.2017 Bhavesh rayka Reply

My favourite ton

02.04.2017 vaazid Reply


04.04.2017 Siddharth rai Reply

Nice tone forever

07.04.2017 saif Reply


10.04.2017 Althaf Reply

Legends never die

11.04.2017 Kitabur Reply

I like the tune alwats

16.04.2017 Vivek chaudhary Reply

I love this tune

19.05.2017 Deelip nayak Reply

Vivek chaudhary, Nice and lovely tone

25.04.2017 king bhai Reply

Cool ring

09.05.2017 Keat Reply

I feel emotional hearing this tone

10.05.2017 Faraz Reply

I need nokai tune which tell name in middla

14.05.2017 Aasim Reply


15.05.2017 Daniel KS Paul Reply

Ever best

22.05.2017 alaa Reply

Rgank you

22.05.2017 alaa Reply

Thank you

26.05.2017 saif Reply

Awesome tone ever

06.06.2017 Khaja Reply

Nice tune

06.06.2017 Zeeshan Reply

Nice tune

07.06.2017 sunil Reply

Nice tune

12.06.2017 vivek parashar Reply

vary vary nice tone i love this tone

12.06.2017 Abdul sathar Reply

I like this tune

15.06.2017 Sumit kendre Reply

Great tune

17.06.2017 Ajit kumar hatia Reply

Nice gitar tune

19.06.2017 my name is Reply

Historical tune

23.06.2017 Naqiya Reply

Superb tune

30.03.2018 Don Reply

Naqiya, oh really

24.06.2017 VVP Reply

Can't ply on MI

25.06.2017 sonjeetroy Reply


26.06.2017 Karan Prajapat Reply

Nice tone

01.07.2017 Priyanshu Priyadarshi Oj Reply

Nice Ringtone My Favorite

03.07.2017 Râhûl Reply

Nokia is best choice

04.07.2017 paglu Reply


07.07.2017 Hardiksinh Reply

Nice tone

07.07.2017 Rajput Hardiksinh Reply

Good Tone

09.07.2017 shuaib'S khan Reply


16.07.2017 Monu Reply

Nice tone

20.07.2017 Ed zhain Reply

I like'it

20.07.2017 Sanusi Mohammed Yaro Reply

Ever nicest tune

21.07.2017 Naman Reply

Varee good thin

22.07.2017 SENTHIL PRIYA Reply

superb tone

29.07.2017 RM Rashed Reply

nice tune

30.07.2017 Thabani Reply

This was a nice tones

30.07.2017 R K T Reply

Nice tone

31.07.2017 Jitendra Reply


01.08.2017 Kabeer Reply

Awesome tone

03.08.2017 Rasedul islam Reply

nice tune

04.08.2017 Bash Reply

Very nice tune

02.11.2018 Viru phone Reply

Bash, Viru rajbhar

06.08.2017 Bansi Reply

It's fill so happy.. Listen this tune

12.08.2017 tahir Reply

i love pick up tha call

13.08.2017 DoD Reply

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

13.08.2017 samiul sahab Reply

wordless to say about it was our golden past that was amaging

18.08.2017 zia ullah khan Reply

Nice ringtone

19.08.2017 Dinesh kumar Reply

Very Nice Tones

28.08.2017 jamil arrabi Reply


30.08.2017 dr.shiv Prajapati Reply


01.09.2017 Vijay Reply

I love Nokia...Nice ringtone

03.09.2017 Skumar Reply

Lovely and nice tone

06.09.2017 Allan Samu Reply

nice ringtone

07.09.2017 Love suraj Reply

Nice ringtone

11.09.2017 doctor saab Reply

Really nice I use it in Lumia 640 xl and feel like Nokia

18.09.2017 gowtham Reply

I love this tone

19.09.2017 Amarpal Reply

My favourite ton

24.09.2017 ROHIT Reply

Koch bi kaho is se badiya tone koi nahi

29.09.2017 gopal Reply


06.10.2017 sonal Reply


15.10.2017 amit Reply

Memories refreshed of old days

16.10.2017 s. deepak Reply

S. Deepak

22.10.2017 Sagar Reply

Nice tone

24.10.2017 Amit patel Reply

I love these ringtone

25.10.2017 Abhaysinh Reply

Ilove this nokia tune

27.10.2017 Vikas saini Reply

I vvvv mach love this ton

19.11.2017 Subhash Barde Reply

Verry nice

20.11.2017 keath Reply


21.11.2017 arif Reply


23.11.2017 aditya Reply


24.11.2017 rais Reply


02.12.2017 Mallikarjun Reply

I love this tone more

09.12.2017 You name Reply


10.12.2017 Satpal Singh Reply

I love you Nokia mobile . Only my Nokia mobile phone

07.01.2018 SATYAA KING KHAN Reply


17.01.2018 S'yagik Reply


21.01.2018 Ikka Reply


23.01.2018 AMAR Reply

I Love

24.01.2018 Avnish janghala Reply

Very nice tone

24.01.2018 manoj singh Reply

Nice tune

28.01.2018 NAVNATH GUND Reply

mast tune

30.01.2018 chandu p s Reply

Super tune

07.02.2018 Duke Gunner Reply

Call kaenga nangna

10.02.2018 kunal Reply

Its is ever good tone...

25.02.2018 Satpal Singh Reply

good tone

09.03.2018 Yasir Reply


15.03.2018 अशोक कुमार ghritlahare Reply


16.03.2018 Prince Reply


26.03.2018 Sandip Reply

This is a original tone

28.03.2018 aung gu league Reply

i like it long ago

30.03.2018 Don Reply

Nice tune

10.04.2018 Narendar bro Reply

Verry nice

14.04.2018 vijay j Reply

Very nice tune

09.05.2018 Shantanu Reply

Nice tone

20.05.2018 Aliakbar Shah Reply

Very beautifully coded the ringtune Nokia Liya kya!

26.05.2018 Pappu Reply

Nice tone

28.05.2018 Hamza Reply

Hey hamza pickup your phone, its ringing!!!

03.07.2018 somel Reply

Hamza, thanks

03.06.2018 Aliakabar Shah Reply

It's the second aatemt to download the Nokia Guitar version of the phone make my device in Specious Ringtone

13.06.2018 Bharat Reply

Bharat pick up your phone

30.06.2018 waseem Reply

Waseem aap ka fine aya ha

09.07.2018 Sajid Khan Reply

Nyc tune

10.07.2018 Amrej gaur Reply

Lovely ringtone

30.07.2018 A.Q Qureshi Reply

Super and simple tons

07.08.2018 Samiullah khan Reply

Please pick up the phone

10.08.2018 Sunil Reply

Very nice

20.08.2018 Chege Reply

I like the ringtone

25.08.2018 sd ali Reply

ring tune

29.08.2018 rs raju Reply

nice but my phone is not downloaded

30.08.2018 Pravin Reply

Pravin please pic up the phone

03.09.2018 Hapy birthday Ayaan Reply

Hapy birthday ayaan

04.09.2018 Krishna Reply


05.09.2018 Najmul Reply


05.09.2018 Baby Reply

I was searching for this one

13.09.2018 Abdul quadir Reply

Nice tone

30.09.2018 urmels Reply

Nice tone

16.10.2018 Seema Reply


17.10.2018 Mumtaz Reply

Mumtaz please pick up the phone

19.10.2018 YOSIF Reply

Soooo amazing

22.10.2018 Rakib Reply

onk nice

02.11.2018 Niladri midya Reply

Please pick up your call

06.11.2018 Asim Reply

Dj asim kumar

08.11.2018 Pranab Reply

Mr.pranab pik up the phon plis

25.11.2018 Crot Reply

Briaik jancok

08.12.2018 Dipak Reply


08.12.2018 Dipak Reply


08.12.2018 Dipak Reply


11.12.2018 Deba Reply

Please pick up your phone deba

15.12.2018 Sachhuu Reply

Jhakkas bindaas Jabardast zindabad

16.12.2018 Khan attaullah Reply

Plz pic up call...khan attaullah

21.12.2018 mukesh Reply

Please pick up thecall

25.12.2018 Pardeep Reply

Nice Nokia tune guitar

06.01.2019 emon Reply


12.01.2019 Akash Reply


23.01.2019 Mithun.shil Reply

Nice tone

23.01.2019 Mithun.shil Reply

Niece tone

25.01.2019 Mabex Fintson Reply

Download options

29.01.2019 Muhumuza denia Reply


30.01.2019 hardhik Reply

nice one

17.02.2019 Jk Reply


17.02.2019 manotroll Reply

ai sim po esse som que eu queria

04.03.2019 MD. R . H. RONY Reply

r h rony please pick up the phone

06.03.2019 Akbar_786 Reply

How do I download on iPhone? ....

09.03.2019 Ghulam mustafa Reply


04.04.2019 Arif Reply


04.04.2019 Pheko Reply

Nice one i like it

16.06.2019 Chandan Reply

Mujhe Koi mast ringtone nahi mil rahi

18.06.2019 സിക് Reply


19.06.2019 Ponna Reply

Nice tone

14.07.2019 victor Reply

Nice one

09.08.2019 MAHESH Reply

The ringtone

09.08.2019 MAHESH Reply

The best one